Plans and Microgreens

If you read my last post, you know the last few years have been a series of life-changing movements. And now I feel like it's time to go back to my roots.  The place where my passion for gardens re-ignited... growing my own food.

While I've never truly stopped growing food, it hasn't been 100% for my family.  Long story short, I started an edible gardening after school program for kids.  Admittedly, it was after one too many Netflix documentaries and maaaaaaybe I was high on my horse.  However, I was filled with a sense that our kids need to know where their food came from and I could be the one to help solve that problem.  So I've still been growing, but it's been with and for all my little urban farmers.  Encouraging all the babies to grow their food and get their hands in the soil.

Jump back forward four years and I'm diving back in.  I'll be using a series of raised beds and growing old standards along with new varieties.  This is already bringing me immense joy and it's still January!  I'm also hoping to sprinkle in some "growing with kids" insight and experience along the way.

Stay tuned...

PS.  We planted micro greens last week with the kids (we LOVE Botanical Interests' Mellow Blend).  It's fun, easy and instant gratification.  Pair it with a taste test from our local Farmbox Greens and it was a hit.  Day 4 and these babies are already up!  Also, sometimes kids dump all the seeds in one corner... and that is OK.  It's all about the process.

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