Where Haven't I Been?

The last few years have been nuts.  I keep circling back to this blog and thinking, "Will I ever have the time to commit?"  Well, let's just see what happens.  Zero promises.  I'm better at Instagram (@hellogardencoach).

They say you should have specific content.  You should speak to an audience.  Well, what if I don't want to pigeonhole myself?  We are all multidimensional people.  I'm a multi-passionate person.  And YOU all aren't the same, so why should I limit what insight I share?  So let me re-introduce myself:

Hi.  My name is Kate.  I have three boys.  A year ago, I sold everything to start fresh.  That leaves me somewhat in a quandary of reestablishing myself, but it also feels freeing.  See, when you are partnered with another person for over a decade, you morph together a bit.  Your interests and habits can merge.  You develop a shared routine.  When you decide to get unmarried, there is a separating out... a teasing out of who you are and what your new path looks like.  I feel like I'm coming out the other side of that phase and am rediscovering things for myself.  And here is what I know...

1. I was meant to create beautiful things.  When this first started, I was SURE it was going to be an interior design blog.  Yup.  Just sure.  Well, it kept turning into a garden blog and guess what?  I'm now a garden designer.  Life lesson: Sometimes your passion picks you.

2. I equal parts yearn for a work truck and fancy jewelry.  This past spring, I showed up to get my kids from school wearing my favorite Carhartt utility leggings, Xtratuf boots, cashmere sweater and pearl earrings.  And, quite literally, that is the epitome of my style.  One part masculine/industrial, one part ultra feminine.  And I love it.  

3. Nothing is more painful than living an inauthentic life.  So I just don't.  I can't.  I did it before, and I'm not doing it again.  It's so hard to go against the grain and leave the comfort and security of the known, but it is worth it.  Every ounce of struggle forward is worth it.

4. I'm so excited about the future!  I was having dinner with a friend on Friday and we were talking about work, life, passions... all those things.  When talking about my business, I mentioned it was the first time in my life where I was 100 percent certain this is exactly what I should be doing, but there is a little something missing.  I feel like I need to unlock one more door.  It's so hard to describe, but that's the only way I can explain it.  Maybe this is that door?

5. Always trust your gut.  Trust it.  Follow it.  Teach your kids to follow their instincts.  It leads you toward so much good.  It also keeps you out of trouble.  Ha!

All for now... Let's start the random joy of things I love:

My favoriteXtratuf boots.  Being used and abused with my Carhartt Utility Leggings.
My favorite work leggings can be found here.  I have them in black, but now they have an olive green?!?  Want.  I am between sizes right now, but can wear a small with no problem.  In other words, size down.

xo, k