Thanks, Universe.

So after the last post, I was having "all the feels" (as the kids like to say).  I really miss creating content.  I miss having a space for my creative self.  But the internet is pretty full of voices.  And I doubted my addition to the noise.  So I thought.  And I thought.  And I walked a lot, and painted my house, and cooked... and just thought.

One of the thoughts that popped into my head was how one of the most popular posts was when the boys and I discovered the litter (yup, had to look up the proper term) of black bunnies at Discovery Park.  It almost didn't make sense.  It was just this little moment of innocence and discovery.  One I'll never forget, but still.  It wasn't planned or shot with the fancy camera.  It was just... it.

Two days later, I'm walking through the very same park.  I'm thinking again.  Is this the right move for me?  It was a rare, kidless moment.  The sun was starting to set... it was that magic dusk hour where the world starts to quiet.  And there came a response to my walking meditation.

oh, hai.

Thanks for making me smile, Universe.

xo, k


  1. Hello Kate, I'm quite a new blogger too - it's about one year since I began, and like you, I find it so nice to have a creative outlet. Good for you in coming back to blogging - there's absolutely room for your voice and I look forward to hearing it.