Tartar Sauce

Tartar sauce... some people are lovers, some people are haters.  I am in the lover camp.  Maybe it's my Seattle upbringing, maybe it's my deep deeep deeeeeep love of pickles, but I cannot imagine a world of fish and chips without the stuff!  So in my yearly effort to expand our eating habits and be more creative, I decided not to limit myself to just new main course recipes.  Sides are important too!  And condiments!  For those of you who know me, I am a condiment addict.  Don't judge.  It's a family problem. 

So here is the recipe I've been working with (via Simply Recipes):

Tartar Sauce
- 1C. mayonnaise
- 1/2 C. chopped dill pickles
- 1 t. capers, chopped
- 2 t. dijon mustard
- 2 t. shallots, chopped
- 2 T. scallions, chopped
- 2 t. lemon juice
- 6 drops Tabasco sauce (or more to taste)
- salt and pepper to taste

Directions:  Mix it up!

YUM!  So freaking good I can't even stand it!  The capers and Tabasco were game changers for me.  Seriously.  Now, I know not everone has shallots and scallions on hand.  Heck, I don't.  Here is the alterations I've made and what has become a staple in our household:

Kate's ever so slightly adapted variation:

- 1 C. mayonnaise
- 1/3 C. dill pickles, finely chopped
- 1 t. capers, chopped
- 2 t. dijon mustard (can sub in regular, but dijon hits the sweet spot)
- 2 t. shallots, chopped (or sub. 1 1/2 t. dried onion flakes... use watcha got)
- 2 t. lemon juice
- 1T. fresh dill, chopped
- 6 drops Tabasco sauce (or more if there are no kiddos eating)
- omit all salt and pepper... doesn't need it!

Directions:  Mix it up, yo!

So here are my notes on the subject:
1.  I usually have dijon, but ran out last week so I had to use the regular stuff in a pinch.  Guess what?  It totally worked.  The difference was subtle and please use dijon if you have it, but you won't be left crying your milk if you don't.
2.  The dried onion flake substitute totally works!  Just make sure to let the mixture sit a little longer so the flavors meld together and the onions can rehydrate a bit.  15 minutes with two stirs during that time usually does the trick.
3.  Gotta have fresh dill.  Period.  I grow it in the garden so it's an easy add-in.
4.  Salt and pepper... no need.  The capers actually add a bit of salt and I didn't feel like the pepper added anything.
5.  I chose to omit the scallions.  I made the tartar sauce both ways and, in the end, preferred the recipe without it.

So there you go.  A new absolute favorite!  Way to go Elise Bauer!

xo, k

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