Silly Plant!

Two days of sunshine and my alpine strawberry has gone bananas!  Seriously.  What are you thinking little plant?

Could it be?  Strawberries in April?  Be still my beating heart...

But I can't judge.  I felt just about like this little strawberry after two days of sun and dirt under my fingers.  In fact, I was feeling so jazzed off two days of glorious spring weather that I took this slightly embarrassing self-portrait with my collards.  Yup.  Me and collard greens.  Take it in.

Oh, Lord.  

What can I say?  I was high off sunshine.  I had just planted King Richard leeks, rocket arugula, early wonder and bull's blood beets, Ingot carrots and French Breakfast radishes.  My peas are up too.  One more?  I discovered that my raised beds had become glorified worm bins over the winter.  It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

Now get out there and dig in the dirt!

xo, k

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  1. I rather enjoy the Girl with collard greens self portrait. :)