Free Ranging Ladies!

Make no mistake about it.  I am a chicken-a-holic.  This is only fueled by the fact the HH won't let us get chickens.  Forbidden fruit, right?  Anyway, I was headed home from work yesterday when I noticed three chickens just wandering down the sidewalk!  Obviously I pulled over.  I mean, really.  Chickens cruising the bus line?  Awesome!

Well, I only know one chicken owner on that block (oh, God.  I now sound like a chicken stalker!)  So I went over and knocked on his door.  "Ummm, are you missing some chickens?  I just found three wandering down the street."  Turns out he wasn't missing any, but we got to talking and he said he was adding a few Ameracauna chicks to his flock this year!  In case you don't know, they lay beautiful blue eggs.  *sigh*  Anyway, even though they weren't his chickens, we had an awesome "chicken love-fest" talk and he gave me the most precious gift for being a good neighbor and looking after the local flocks...

So what else is a girl to do?  I decided to cancel what I was gong to serve the boys for dinner (I'd probably have to force-feed them the yummy risotto I had planned to make anyway) and they had breakfast for dinner.  YUM!

I'm not sure my iPhone photos do this egg enough justice.  It was a really deep shade of yellow.  So much more brilliant than your grocery store variety.  Anyway, I added some Kashi waffles and fruit and it was perfection.

Well, you heard it here first.  People still appreciate a good neighbor.

xoxo, k

PS.  I did end up finding the actual owners and apparently "the girls" like to go for a little walk every now and then.  Ha!

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