Free Ranging Ladies!

Make no mistake about it.  I am a chicken-a-holic.  This is only fueled by the fact the HH won't let us get chickens.  Forbidden fruit, right?  Anyway, I was headed home from work yesterday when I noticed three chickens just wandering down the sidewalk!  Obviously I pulled over.  I mean, really.  Chickens cruising the bus line?  Awesome!

Well, I only know one chicken owner on that block (oh, God.  I now sound like a chicken stalker!)  So I went over and knocked on his door.  "Ummm, are you missing some chickens?  I just found three wandering down the street."  Turns out he wasn't missing any, but we got to talking and he said he was adding a few Ameracauna chicks to his flock this year!  In case you don't know, they lay beautiful blue eggs.  *sigh*  Anyway, even though they weren't his chickens, we had an awesome "chicken love-fest" talk and he gave me the most precious gift for being a good neighbor and looking after the local flocks...

So what else is a girl to do?  I decided to cancel what I was gong to serve the boys for dinner (I'd probably have to force-feed them the yummy risotto I had planned to make anyway) and they had breakfast for dinner.  YUM!

I'm not sure my iPhone photos do this egg enough justice.  It was a really deep shade of yellow.  So much more brilliant than your grocery store variety.  Anyway, I added some Kashi waffles and fruit and it was perfection.

Well, you heard it here first.  People still appreciate a good neighbor.

xoxo, k

PS.  I did end up finding the actual owners and apparently "the girls" like to go for a little walk every now and then.  Ha!


Silly Plant!

Two days of sunshine and my alpine strawberry has gone bananas!  Seriously.  What are you thinking little plant?

Could it be?  Strawberries in April?  Be still my beating heart...

But I can't judge.  I felt just about like this little strawberry after two days of sun and dirt under my fingers.  In fact, I was feeling so jazzed off two days of glorious spring weather that I took this slightly embarrassing self-portrait with my collards.  Yup.  Me and collard greens.  Take it in.

Oh, Lord.  

What can I say?  I was high off sunshine.  I had just planted King Richard leeks, rocket arugula, early wonder and bull's blood beets, Ingot carrots and French Breakfast radishes.  My peas are up too.  One more?  I discovered that my raised beds had become glorified worm bins over the winter.  It was a beautiful, beautiful day.

Now get out there and dig in the dirt!

xo, k


Resolutions - Part II

When last I wrote, I clued you in on my first New Year's Resolution.  Make a new recipe every week.  Today I want to talk about Resolution #2... and it's an embarrassing one.

My name is Kate and my master bedroom looks like it was just struck by a tornado.

Here's the scoop.  I've never really spent time and energy creating a beautiful bedroom.  I'll paint and throw up some curtains, but that's about it.  Now, with two young boys scooting around the house, my bed is constantly covered in books and toys, laundry is piled up in baskets waiting to be folded, the top of my dresser has become a dumping ground for odds and ends.  It's just a mess.  At one point, we started to paint, but we never finished.  Other items popped up and painting was pushed lower and lower on the endless list of projects that needed completing.

So here we are... 2013.  The year I will have a proper bedroom.  By God, it will have paint!  And curtains!  And sconces!  And artwork!  The bed will be kept free of Cheerios and monster trucks!  It will be a space for two tired parents to (God forbid) have a decent conversation and even some snuggling (GASP!)  Moreover, I will fall asleep peacefully and not wake each day faced with a mess.  Who wants to wake up to laundry that needs folding?!?  Not me!

I'm giving myself a year, because I'm realistic.  I am a wife and a mother.  I grow a ton of veggies and work too.  That adds up to a really full plate.  Besides, I know this will take a huge shift in habit too.  I've let my bedroom become the playroom, laundry room, tv room, work zone... all those things but a peaceful respite.  So now I have to change old habits and re-identify the room.  I'm sure there will be a little back-slide from time to time, but I have to keep moving forward.  I think my marriage and my sanity deserve it.  ;)

So I'll leave you with a little inspiration from The Binder.  This, my friends, is what I hope to achieve!

Happy Monday!

xoxo, k