This time of year is just cruel.  The ground is frozen harder than a rock and all the seed catalogs have arrived in the mail.  I've also had "the crud" so I've been locked indoors perusing the catalogs and plotting.  To say I'm "itching" to get outside would be an understatement!  With my new backyard design in the works, it makes it even harder (did I mention our master bedroom looks out on the backyard in all it's ramshackle glory?  *Sigh*)

In thinking about my backyard (which is actually my side yard due to the shape of our lot) I've settled on the idea that I want it to be a decorative space.  However, I still want to add a few edible elements (you know me... I love to eat what I grow).  So what was the first flower to come to mind when thinking of a decorative yet edible element?  Lavender!

I know, I know.  Most people don't think of lavender this way, but really it has many fabulous attributes.  Namely, I could use it to make my own homemade herbes de provence.  Oh, man.  I love this herb mix like nobody's business!  I'm sure you all know that so much of our taste experience is affected by smell.  Well maybe that's why this herb mix is so incredible... it's like eating the savory, the delightful, the sweet... everything.

And what will I make with this delicious herbes de provence mix?  This Chicken Pot Pie topped with puff pastry.  Incredible. Why don't I have a photo of it?  Not sure, but probably because I'm too busy thinking of eating it.  Long story short, my mother-in-law has been saving recipes for years.  When we were living with them during the big remodel, she busted out this oldie (Sunset Magazine, 3/01) and I just about died!  I've been making it ever since.

Maybe next winter I'll be sipping this too...

Does this look incredible, or what?!?  (á la mode's recipe can be found here)

So here's to more lavender in the new year!

xo, k

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