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I think I have gardening ADD.  I start one project, then notice a weed in an adjacent bed that needs to be pulled, then I discover a perfectly ripe veggie... an hour later, the handy hubby is calling out from the front door, "I thought you were just going to plant two more seeds!?!"

So last week when I was out clearing off the back patio, it should be no surprise that my cleaning turned into pruning (every six months or so I attempt to tame Cecile.)  As I headed back to the yardwaste can with another mountain of clippings, I nearly killed myself trying to avoid stepping on a huge leaf growing out of the lawn.  What was it?  Turns out I have a calla lily growing up through the overgrown backyard lawn.  Seriously.  10 feet away, I discover a rose bush... also growing out of the lawn!  Of course I share the fun discoveries with the husband and he says, "Oh, ya.  I know.  I plow right over those suckers every time I mow the lawn!"  WHAT?!?  *Sigh*  

I've always pushed the backyard down to the bottom of the "to do" list.  We actually refer to it as the dog's yard.  Our pup likes to go out there and run around and throw toys, but it's always been a mess.  It's inconvenient to access and completely overgrown with weeds.  There are also half-dead plants and weird garden "treasures" left by the previous owners so it's just plain depressing.  Well, I think that may change.

On the bright side, it has lovely star jasmine growing along the fence, my buddy Cecile, a gorgeous lilac tree and now a sweet calla lily and honor rose (I found the tag in the weeds!)  With a little elbow grease (and a whole lot of mulch) I actually have the start of a pretty little English garden!  I also have a few plants that don't quite fit in the front that would make lovely additions to the back.  There is a pale pink hollyhock (a gift from my sweet friend) and a gigantic blue hydrangea that just don't fit in with the front yard's color palette.  Again, with some massive weeding and a little transplanting, I think I have the start of something special.  I'll share more precise details later, but for now I'll leave you with a few images that are inspiring my plans!

A cottage herb garden in Chelsea, England... loving the lavender, iris, alliums and a bit of sage! (via)

How can I NOT go completely bananas over a rosemary topiary?!? (image source unknown)

This beautiful garden really has it all... height, texture, boxwoods, roses... (via)

Now if only Seattle would make it's way back into the 40's, I'd be out there starting to make this little garden happen!

xo, k

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