Bunnies in the Park

Yesterday morning, the boys and I met some friends for a "nature walk" in our favorite park.  We had magnifying glasses, binoculars, bug houses... the five of us were ready!  Of course, Bubby was being... ummm... TWO and I was sure we'd frighten off any little animals we came across.  Let me just say, I was wrong.

About 10 minutes into our walk, my friend stopped me and the boys.  Thirty feet in front of us was a little black rabbit.  The Captain simply couldn't help himself!  He crept closer and closer to the bunny.  It was then that a second one jumped out from the bushes... followed by a third!  The first bunny scampered across the path into the blackberry bushes and we saw another movement in the grass from where they were all hidden.  A fourth, very small bunny was nestled down under the tree.  Further up the trail we spotted a fifth black, very small bunny hidden in more blackberry brambles.  It was such a magical moment.  Five black rabbits hoping through the winter landscape...

The Captain in pursuit... tip toe, tip toe, tip toe...

Do you see the little baby?  He was so adorable!

The Captain and Bubby up front (following yet another bunny!), their buddy bringing up the rear.  Oh, ya.  We rode scooters and bikes, thus the helmets.  :)

And now for some inspiration!  From the sweetest of bunnies... 

Sweet Beatrix Potter illustration (via)

A bunny bento box!  Handmade in France (via)

If The Captain could've gotten close enough (via)

To those with a bit more sass...
Michelle Mason's black bunny rug (sadly no longer available)

Last but not least, Sylvester the Sneak!  Made by the impossibly talented Lindsey Barnes of b. children's wear.

I love them all.

xo, k

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