Trim Inspiration!

Oh, how the DIY remodel seems to take forever... especially if you work and have kids!  I remember when the Handy Hubby and I were child-less and we could tackle huge projects like building retaining walls, replacing all our light fixtures or installing cabinets... all in a single weekend!  Today it looks more like this:

Me:  OK.  I gotta leave for work at 4pm so we have until then to install the Dutch door.  Is that doable?

HH:  Well, I think I can install it to the point where no animals can get in and the kids won't kill themselves.

Me:  Sounds good.  Let's do it.  I'll try to get a sitter.

(two hours later...)

Me:  OK.  Total bust on the sitter.  I'll take the kids to the zoo.  Still think you can do it?

HH:  Well, the door arrived and you want it installed so... I'll make it work.

(two hours after I've left for work...)

HH:  Do you want the good news or bad news?

Me:  Good news.

HH:  The kids didn't kill themselves on the door!

Me:  That's good!  What's the bad news.

HH:  The spray foam insulation wasn't quite dry and Bubby stuck his fingers in it.

Me:  (sigh)

The Captain peeking out the dutch door... This was the pre-nap scene.  The Handy Hubby completed the spray foam insulation during nap.  We should've put up a baby gate. :(

But I digress... the dutch door really needs its own post.  The real point of this post is the unpainted trim to the right in the photo above.  It's been bare for over a year.  We just haven't gotten around to painting all the trim in the house (there's just so much and it's sooooo time consuming.)  Well I was on Pinterest today (of course) when I came upon this image:

That's it!  That's my trim!  We looked around forever when deciding on trim details.  What was originally in the house was that thin, 40's millwork that usually has just a little detail to it.  We tossed it when we demoed the house and were not about to bring it back.  When selecting the new trim, it was actually pretty hard.  We didn't want too thin or too fussy, but we still wanted something substantial.  Plain flat stock was super inexpensive, but it looked sooo boring.  The house needed some detail, but we weren't sure what that detail was.  So above you see the finished product of what we settled on!  Simple, just a bit of detail and it fit in the budget.  Our trim has a bit more detail than the one pictured above, but I think it goes perfectly with what we're trying to accomplish in our home... an open, contemporary space with a touch of character and charm.

So there you have it.  The image that's inspiring me today and helping me work up the courage to finish the trim and paint it out!  On a final note, we were originally just going to do window sills throughout the house (darn budget!) but now we've decided to wrap all the windows!  It may take the next five years to get it all completed and find the wiggle room in our budget, but that's just part of the fun, right? I know it's the right decision.  Simple sills with drywall wrap just don't do it for me.

xo, k

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