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It's a bit late for uploading all my photos so that's going to wait until tomorrow, but I want to talk about something else tonight.  I've reached a sort of "critical mass" in the office arena and I'm looking for a little re-do.  All I know right now is that it will include a massive influx of storage... because I need it!  I am a mess!  I've spent so much energy on re-doing the house, tending to the garden and making sure we have adequate toy storage, but what about me?  Well, I'm a total book junkie, magazine hoarder and I only have one bookcase in the office.  So basically that makes the office one hot mess.

The thing about a messy office is that it makes the nerve center of the house a train wreck.  We all know the havoc that is created when the office areas of our life are a mess... we become disorganized, paperwork takes over the house, we cannot effectively run our family business and thus disorder reigns.  So I'm putting my foot down!  I'm collecting my inspiring images from the binder and beyond and I'm making a shopping list.  Here is what is solidified:

Martha Stewart's Flagstone

Ikea's Expedit... two of these fit across the far end of the room (lengthwise) with just six inches to spare.  Trust me, those six inches will be used!

The third item that is all but sealed is the desk.  I found an inexpensive white Parsons desk that I am particularly in love with.  There is something so satisfying about a clean, white workspace, you know?  Anyway, I'm not shutting the door on other options, but clean and bright workspace is a must.

So want to know what's currently inspiring me?  If you aren't already following me on Pinterest, here are a few snippets from my office board... 

Eclectic, clean-lined storage solutions, pops of red floral and linen drapes... totally me. (via)

A bit symmetrical for my taste, but Dang!  This lady uses every last little bit of storage space... and I love it! (via)

Well look at you, little Ikea Expedit.  Aren't you all grown up?!?  Four 4x2 pieces stacked to the ceiling and all dressed up with a federalist mirror.  (via)

That's it for today... just tackling it one day at a time and probably stacking my plate waaaaay too full.  But that's life, right?  

xo, k

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