July Garden Tour!

Hey Kids!

Well, we are long overdue for a garden tour.  There is soooo much going on, I can hardly keep up!  After posting my May garden photos, I was feeling a bit down because my Walla Walla sweet onions were yellowing and just plain not doing that great.  So I headed down to my trusty garden center and talked over some options.  Turns out, onions are super heavy feeders and I think I was lacking nitrogen in the soil.  In any event, I decided to use some organic fertilizer on the garden and HOLY COW!  I'll just go ahead and let the photos speak for themselves...

May 12th... onions lookin' pretty puny and the lettuce was quite yellow.

June 30th... HOLY COW!

So just in case you are wondering what kind of crack I fed my garden, here's the story.  I started out with Espoma's Plant Tone.  It's a monthly fertilizer that needs to be worked into the top layer of the soil.  As my veggies were still pretty small, it wasn't a big deal.  But let me tell you... I saw results within days!  Honestly, my lettuce immediately turned a vibrant shade of green and shot up at least an inch in the first three days.  It was truly amazing!

As the month came to a close, I realized that I needed something that was a bit easier to apply because my garden chores are starting to multiply (yahoo!)  So even though the results were incredible, I looked for something I could "sprinkle and go."  I talked to a few employees over at Swanson's (one of my favorite places on earth) and there was nothing but rave reviews for Dr. Earth's organic fertilizer.  So I grabbed a big bag, crossed my fingers and checked out.  I got home, sprinkled the new fertilizer over all my plants and waited.  Let's just say that my peas are at least 7 feet high, the collards are so big I may have to move them and my leeks are almost the size of my thumb!  I am one happy lady!

So without further ado, let the garden tour commence...

A closer look at the North garden bed... home to Walla Wall and red onions, celery, cucumbers, collards, leeks, two types of beets and one half of the sugar snap pea teepee!

Show stopping Morris Heading collard greens!  These babies are getting a weeee bit big.  I may dig them up and resituate them in the pumpkin patch.

Can we talk about these beautiful babies?!?  Each year I am blown away by the taste of fresh sugar snap peas.  The Captain and his buddies have been feasting off the plant almost daily!

The Southern bed... featuring the other half of the snap pea teepee, carrots, lettuce, more Walla Walla sweet onions, more collard greens, broccoli and bush beans.

The top of one of my lettuces... just about to go to seed.

Do you see the baby broccoli?!?  It's so cute!!!

Sweet little carrot tops (baby carrots in front, long nantes in back)

The potato pit we dug was lined with compost and we have slowly added more soil as the potatoes have grown.  We now have a potato mound!  The green bean teepee is coming along nicely too!

Sweet little tendril climbing up one of the poles.

See that funny looking one in the center toward the back?  It's a Rainier strawberry and it finally ripened today... we promptly ate it up.  YUM!

Mystery strawberry variety that is producing pea-sized strawberries that taste like HEAVEN!  Anyone want to take a guess at what exactly it is?

One of my stupice tomatoes.  This thing is incredible!  We have had the worst weather and it is just growing like a rockstar and is starting to flower!  I'm keeping a close eye on this one... it may be a true keeper.

One of my Cherokee purple tomatoes... underplanted with basil (you can see the little leaves in the top left corner).

A sweetie tomato underplanted with basil and green onions.  I've had great success in past years growing this tomato from seed.  I'll be excited to see what happens this year!

I hope you've enjoyed the tour!  Now I'm off to bed because tomorrow the boys and I are going berry picking.  Nothing says 4th of July quite like fresh picked berries!

xo, k

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