The Inspired Calendar

I'm making some great headway in the office and uncovering all sorts of treasures!  Among my office treasures, is this sweet calendar (please pardon the iPhone photos):

My amazing sister-in-law made this out of old airplane ticket paper!  NO JOKE!  She found the unused paper at Scrap (in Portland, OR) and probably meditated on it for a month.  Then it most likely came to her in a dream and she woke mumbling "Paper... calendar... owls..."  I'm sure my brother is used to it.  Anyway, she created super cute tear-off calendars that include monthly reminders (also tear-off and wallet sized!) to enjoy the season and be kind to yourself.  The girl is a genius, I tell you!

If you've never been to scrap, it's basically a treasure trove for those of us who like to find and create.  Everything in this store was at one point going to be thrown into our waste system, but thanks to Scrap, happy little artists and creative-types have found Nirvana instead.  :)   

So if you need me on Sunday, July 22nd, I will not be available.  I will be driving with the windows rolled down and the radio turned up... singing my little heart out!

xo, k

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