A Tuscan Villa

I was going through the binder last night and stumbled upon this article featuring the lovingly restored Tuscan villa of Dede Pratesi (Architectural Digest, October 2011).  I'm not much for the uber traditional, but this is perfection!  I'm also particularly drawn to the masses of terra-cotta pots because it echoes a bit of what I have going on at my little Seattle villa. :)  Yup, I've inherited a mixed lot of cracked and aging terra-cotta planters that I adore!  Oh, and it also makes me feel like we are making record time on our remodel.  Pratesi has been at this for THIRTY-FIVE years!!!  She wisely comments, "A house like this, you restore every day. It's always a work in progress."

Such a stunning entrance!  The mismatched pots, the variety of plantings, the gravel path... I love that it isn't too precise or too perfect.

Who doesn't love a grotto?!?

I looooove this kitchen!  The beams, the hanging baskets, the fireplace, the copper pots... there is such a beautiful warmth to this space.

The limonaia... traditionally used to store potted lemon trees during winter.  You know my love for the potted citrus!  Hmmm...  I wonder how the Handy Husband would feel about a little construction project?  HA!

I love this little glimpse into the stairwell... the intricate floors, bold color combinations, and beautiful draperies.  

That's all for tonight, kids!  I'm off to bed.

xo, k

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