Plant Talk

Top 3 things people hear me say in the garden:

1.  Aren't you gorgeous?!?
2.  Oh my goodness... your stem is looking SOOO healthy!
3.  Perk up little guy!  What do you need?  Nitrogen?  More water?

Turns out I'm NOT crazy!

Fellow plant-talker, Prince Charles. (via)

According to a new British study, plants talk to each other and are sensitive to what we say!  I knew my veggies liked a little positive encouragement.  Check out the full article over at Gardenista.  I think the comments by fellow garden-lovers are actually the best part. :)

Just a short little post today.  I've been cleaning up sick kiddos for two days and now mama has the crud.  Blek!  Off to bed I go... fully validated, but quite sniffly.

xo, k

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