One Year Ago...

One year ago, we were exhausted, clinging to hope and in need of a major vacation.  So we took one.

I was the only one awake on the plane to Hawaii...

It was the best vacation ever!  I had so desperately wanted to be in the house before we left, but it just didn't happen.  The acid from the cat/dog pee was still in the hardwoods (yes... 7 months later!) and it reared its ugly head.  We had to remove half the hallway and two different areas in the living room after it buckled the finish on the floors.  This set us back another 3 weeks (and I nearly lost it!)  So we jumped on the plane anyway, knowing we would return rested and ready for the final push.

Upon our return, the handsome (did I also mention handy?) husband dove head first into completing the handrail and I was assigned painting.  Our previous home was a myriad of bright colors and, after such long remodeling process, we craved a calming palette that would marry well with the outdoors.  It was a challenge picking the paint colors (isn't it always?) for the house.  Literally every exterior wall was a massive picture window and that much natural light can really change a paint color.  So after 19 little paint testers ($3 each at the Home Depot... money well spent, I think) here is what we settled on:

Martha Stewart - Driftwood Gray

Martha Stewart - Flagstone

Martha Stewart - Heath

Martha Stewart - Macadamia

Martha Stewart - Mourning Dove

Martha Stewart - Schoolhouse Slate

I honestly couldn't be more happy with the colors!  A year later, I still have more painting to do (isn't that always the way?) but I am in LOVE with what has been done.  As for the handsome husband's project, his handrail enabled us to pass our final safety inspection and move into the house!  We still have to complete the decorative caps and putty and paint all the little nail holes, but we are almost there.  *Sigh*  Such is the life of the do-it-yourself home remodeler.  :)

I'll leave you with some inspiring stairwell images that I still love to look at.  As far as our staircase is concerned, we decided on a stained handrail with white balusters and newel posts.  The combo blends well with the floors, but still keeps the space light and bright!  Eventually we'd love to change out the carpeted stairs for wooden treads, white risers and a beautiful runner, but that look will have to wait until we have a larger budget.  Ha!

Staircase of Scott Sanders (would you look at that gorgeous gallery wall?!?) via House Beautiful

I love the stripped runner and stained floors! via House Beautiful

Robin Bell's gorgeous landing via House Beautiful

Guess what's also on the project list?  You guessed it!  A gallery of beloved family photos in the stairwell.

xo, k

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