The Massacre

You know what I love?  Collards.  You know what I hate?  Cabbage worms (loopers).  Yup.  H-A-T-E.

This one got it the worst... my poor sweet collard greens.  Sniff.

Last night I went out to inspect the damage (I hadn't seen the actual perps... just the damage) and picked about 10 of these suckers off my collards.  I found at least 4 little yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves too!  I really should've known.  I had noticed a few holes in the leaves and then The Captain remarked about how much the white butterflies looooove his garden.  ARGH!

The good news?  It's still early in the growing season and I've put the Handy Husband on the case.  The man constantly complains about the garden, but you know what he does when I'm not here?  He waters, takes the kids out to check on their veggies, talks to a buddy at work about tomato varieties... it's super cute.  I love him and his fake complaining.  :)  So naturally, he acted mildly disinterested and asked what we do about those little buggers.  I informed him we either spray constantly (I've researched a few organic solutions) or install a floating row cover.  This got him talking all about netting and some leftover lath he had laying around.  He's so cute when he gets all handy.  Tee hee!

You know what else he pretends he doesn't like, but secretly does?  This recipe:

Sauteed Andouille and Greens with Grits (Real Simple)

Seriously, it rocks.  It's reason #1 I'm growing collards.  So, cabbage worms, meet your match (and her Handy Husband).  Your banquet is over.

xo, k

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