Greek Key

Aaaaaaand now I'm obsessed with Greek key trim.  Sigh.

(House Beautiful... obviously. :)

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All is busy, busy, busy around the house!  Here's what's happening this week and beyond:

1.  I'm ready to pick up the Ikea Aina curtains and get to hanging!  I haven't had floor length curtains in YEARS (thus is my life with busy little boys and their busy little fingers.)
2.  The Captain and Bubby oversaw the tree trimmers today as they cut down two huge trees across the street.  The Captain has mentioned on numerous occasions that he wants to grow up to be a professional tree climber so you can imagine how exciting this was for him!
3.  I've been doing a little advising on my neighbor's mini kitchen remodel.  Not much, but giving tidbits of advice, talking through options, referring my favorite subcontractors... you know... the fun stuff! :)  We've come up with some pretty simple, yet effective solutions to make her tiny kitchen really work for her.  Anyway, we have another organizing and brain-storming session this week.  I'll be anxious to share the results!
4.  I have obscene amount of work to do in the yard.
5.  The garden is booming and I need to add the cucumber supports... STAT!
6.  And here's the big, huge, enormous news of the century... we pick up our new Dutch door on Friday!!!!!!!  YAHOOO!

Well, that's it from me... I'm off to bed!

xo, k

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