Edible Landscaping...

Can we talk for a minute about vegetables and ornamentals mingling?  Yes?  Oh, good.

As you know, we had to rip out practically everything in the yard.  So over the past year, I've been slowly re-shaping the landscape and trying to figure out how we want to live, eat and play in our space.  The number one requirement of our yard is that it have an edible component.  While we've definitely started down that road, there is sooooo much that needs to be done.  I'm also slowly changing my previous notions that veggies and ornamentals should be kept separate.

Growing up, we had a rectangular vegetable garden with beautiful, neat rows.  It was gorgeous and functional, but now I find myself living in a house that sits on an unconventional, triangular piece of property.  That little rectangular plot does not fit in my yard.  So this past year, I've started thinking of things a bit differently.  Sure I have two 3'x6' raised beds, but I also have a mad collection of pots, fruits and veggies scattered throughout the yard.  Every day I fall more and more in love with this idea of the edible landscape.  Why should I relegate my veggies to one part of the yard?  Well I, for one, demand we co-mingle!

Last weekend, I was actually flipping through the Seattle Times and came across this article about Rosalind Creasy.  If you are a NW gardener, she probably needs no introduction.  If you have never seen her work, let me just say, she creates edible gardens that really and truly draw you in.  Her designs evoke a modern take on the quaint potager garden... a little more wild, but equally as romantic.  In lieu of one focal point, she creates many focal points centered around height (vining and tall specimens), contrasting textures and colors, each one drawing you further into the space.

So now you know what I'll be doing this summer... trimming my beds with boxwoods and introducing my veggies to my ornamentals.  :)

As always, leaving you with a little inspiration from the binder...

Rosalind Creasy's bountiful front yard!

Teepee/wigwam (via)... already have one in my corner "mixed" bed... now I just need to add in that boxwood border!

Just need to throw in a few more veggies! (via)

Now THAT'S a front yard! (via)

Happy gardening!

xo, k

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