Dutch Doors

Hallelujah... we have enough money for a back door!!!

I'd post a pic, but honestly the current door is horrifying.  Maybe I'll do a little "before and after," but you'll have to wait.  Just picture this: pale peachy-pink, shiny fake brass hardware (but covered by some sweet plastic baby-proofing gizmo), off-white/tan mini-blinds that are broken and hanging at an awkward angle and about an inch gap at the bottom because we have no threshold.  Yes, that means our hardwoods abut the concrete pad at the back door.  Oh, and I've scrubbed the darn thing to within an inch of its life, but it still has weird stains everywhere!  It's classy.

Anyway, the door is at the end of the hallway so we really feel the space would benefit from a healthy dose of natural light.  Given that, we've narrowed it down to three options:  a 10 light or french door, a half-light door, and the beloved Dutch door.  Only one of these will give us the added benefit of letting in warm summer breezes while still keeping in dogs and little adventuring toddlers.  So guess what we're ordering this week?!?

Jones Pierce Architects

Country Home

Traditional Home

House to Home

OH!  And one more awesome thing about getting a new back door... we'll finally be able to finish the base and door trim on the first floor.  Wahoo!  Oh the joys of remodeling.

xo, k

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