Curtains, curtains, curtains...

Awkward things people have said to me:

"I noticed you guys were up late painting last night."

"It's been really fun to look in the windows and see everything you're doing."

"We're so bummed you got blinds!"

Seriously.  We've heard all of this and so much more.  To be fair, every window in our home used to be either glass block or completely covered by shrubs.  I'm sure it has been loads of fun for the neighbors to watch our house transform!  However, after a few weeks of uncomfortable comments, it became clear that we needed a solution... STAT.  So we did what any cash strapped home remodeler does... we headed to Home Depot for some off the shelf cut-to-size blinds.  They were cheap, the kids couldn't pull them down and they afforded us a little privacy for late-night painting and mornings in pajamas.

Now that we're more settled in the home and the boys are getting older, I'd really like to bump up the style.  White honeycomb blinds only go so far, you know?  Naturally, I've been visiting all the classic haunts trying to hunt down an affordable solution, but short of buying my own fabric and sewing the blinds myself, it's all looking pretty darn expensive.  After all, we're dealing with windows that are at least 102" wide!  Just try finding affordable rods and curtains that aren't cheap looking and/or polyester.    Sigh.  Well yesterday, I took my 500th trip to Ikea and think I found a solution!  You see, I'd looked at the Aina curtains before, but this time I noticed the little pleat that is created when you use their hooks (the ones that you're supposed to use when modifying it to fit the curtain rail.)  Anyway, I think I can easily pleat the curtain, attach it to curtain hooks and get the look I'm after!

So just in case you're wondering what solidified my decision, check out the following images and amazing DIYers... linen curtains, here I come!

(via Costal Living)

Oh, great.  Now I want to add this cute little trim!  I HIGHLY doubt the testosterone committee will approve. (via New House Project)

I actually might win the boys over with some Greek Key trim!  This little detail keeps it from getting too country...  (via  So Haute)

I think Joan is not only FABULOUS but also Aina's biggest fan. :) (via For the Love of a House)

The Aina curtains featured again in her master bedroom.  And did you see they are hung on a bamboo rod she purchased for $1?!?  (via For the Love of a House)

That's all for now, kids!  I'll make sure to post when I have the little makeover completed!

xo, k

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