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As a mom, I'm always trying to make spaces and places for children.  In the garden, in my kitchen, in their room... children love places to hide away and imagine.  The Captain, in particular, loves hiding under tables, stacking cushions to make tunnels and creating little moments.  The hardest part about this is that my throw pillows are never actually on the furniture and blankets are always draped across tables.  Great for kids, not so great if you want a house that looks like it belongs to adults.  So I guess it's always my hope that I can create little nooks and hideaways that enable the boys to be boys, and allow my home to maintain some shred of order.  :)

So when I saw the following image in House Beautiful, I just about died!  Not only would I want this for the boys, but I want this for myself!  So today I'm bringing you my favorite adult-friendly kid nooks.  As the first designer, Ann Wolf, said of the following image, "It's a private, magical little space at the heart of the house, where your imagination can run wild."  And that's always my hope and dream... to create a life where my children can imagine, dream, live and make believe.

The beautiful reading nook created by Ann Wolf (House Beautiful, June 2011)

Loooooove this one!  (Found on Pinterest... anyone know the source?)

Both functional and beautiful!  The sleeping nook created by the built-in storage leaves plenty of floor space for active play. (Tim Barber)

Sigh.  Maybe I need to bump out a wall or two to create some nook spaces... Just kidding, hubby!

Got to go and finish watching "Being Elmo"... have you seen this documentary?  I greatly underestimated the power of this film.  Equally entertaining and beautiful!  You've got to see it!

xo, k

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