Veggie Roll Call!

Hey Kids!

I can't believe how long it's been since I did a veggie garden update!  As I mentioned in this post, I'm going for broke this year.  It's the year.  So now that my little veggies are finally up, let's talk about what's going on in the garden.

The raised beds:
- snap peas (once they die back, they'll be traded out for my cucumber seedlings)
- beets (Bull's Blood and Winter Keeper)
- carrots (Little Finger and Ingot)
- lettuce (Jericho Romain and misc. greens)
- collard greens (Morris Heading)
- garlic (Purple Italian)
- onions (Walla Walla sweet and red onion)
- leeks (Bandit)
- celery (half started from organic store-bought ends, half from seed... I hope.)

Around the yard:
- rhubarb
- apple tree (unknown variety... came with the house and it's a mega producer!)
- cherry tree (unknown variety... came with the house and the birds stole all the fruit last year. Argh!)
- blueberry bushes (Patriot and Bluejay)
- green beans (Blue Lake... we just set up the kids' teepee and planted the seeds this weekend!)
- potatoes (Red La Soda)

In pots:
- strawberries (Puget Reliance, Alexandria Alpine and two mystery varieties that were picked up at the end of the season last year on clearance)
- thyme
- oregano
- chives
- cilantro (should be up any day!)
- parsley (Italian flat leaf)
- basil (Sweet Italian... soon to be joined by his friends in the kitchen... see below.)
- horseradish (roots gifted from my cousin's grandfather's plant via my mom... did you follow that? :)
- spearmint
- rosemary (Tuscan Blue)
- sweet peppers (King of the North and Bullnose Bell)

In the kitchen:
- tomatoes... in transition actually.  I've been hardening them off for the past week so they are almost ready for their debut! (Stupice, Cherokee Purple and Sweetie... all started from seed.)
- basil (Italian large leaf... I started a few more plants because what good are 16 tomato plants if you don't have a bumper crop of basil to go with it!)
- broccoli (Calabrese)

Still to do:
- pumpkins
- zucchini
- brussel sprouts
- corn (Although this is being debated.  I offered a few rows of corn as a genius fencing alternative... the husband declined comment.)

So there it is... the master list.  It's coming right along and the garden beds are filling out! With any luck, we should start harvesting soon.  The herbs are looking particularly awesome so I'll start digging into those sooner rather than later.  The lettuce seems to be calling my name too.  I'll keep you posted as to what I'm cooking up in the kitchen!

The raised beds as of May 14th

The new recruits purchased at Seattle Tilth's Edible Plant Sale!  I can't wait until their  Chicken Coop and Urban Farm Tour... seriously dying over it!

Hope you are enjoying the great outdoors wherever you are!

xo, k

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