A Snapshot...

Evenings are always a little interesting.  The kiddos are in bed, the hubby and I are getting everything cleaned up before tomorrow's madness begins... it's one part wind-down and one part prep.  So here is my night tonight.  Cucumbers have just popped up, the second batch of basil is hanging out under the lights and I'm prepping jam jars for tomorrow... details to come.  Oh!  And I have another batch of celery going crazy.  If the rain lets up, it'll be planted by this weekend.

Countertop madness.  Garden prep, seed bin and jam-making central... all in my little kitchen!

Goodnight, everyone!

xo, k

PS.  In lieu of fancy equipment, I took the covers off my fluorescent under cabinet lights and am propping my starts up on plastic cups.  So far I've had fabulous results!

PPS.  Tonight's menu included the first goodies from the garden!  Citrus-herb roasted chicken using fresh thyme and oregano.  Dang, I love fresh herbs!