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As you know, the dear husband and I have been discussing our downstairs bathroom.  In doing so, we are frequently gathering inspiration from The Binder and now I can't get one of my favorite bathrooms of all time out of my head.  Here she is... Lou Marotta's master bathroom (featured in Elle Decor, June 2005):

Double sinks with moldings I would DIE for.

That tub!!!  Who doesn't love a 19th century French bronze soaking tub?!?

I guess what I love most about this house is it's story.  Marotta and his long-time partner saw this shabby little 1987 builder spec home and decided to make it their own.  They approached the remodel with total abandon and personalized every nook and cranny.  It had no identity, no historical reference... so they gave it one.  I love that!  It speaks so clearly to me now.  Our home was much the same... it didn't have a personality.  It was one of dozens of mid-century, brick homes and absolutely nothing stood out about it other than it's atrocious state of neglect (have I mentioned our neighbors thanked us for cleaning up the place and getting rid of their rat problems?  True story.)  In any event, I love that they didn't cling to a style, they didn't adhere to what was typical for their country home.  They made it what they loved and what they saw as beautiful.  Does it all come together seamlessly?  Nope.  But isn't that what makes it amazing?  It's a celebration of personal style and interior transformation.

So here are some of my favorite rooms in his home.  Truly eclectic spaces mixing his love of antiques (he's an antiques dealer) with Greek Revival, Victorian and Swedish styles.  I love random.

The woodwork and moldings throughout the home were designed by Marotta and were a major inspiration for those in our home.  I love the simple lines!

How can you wake up in that bathroom and not feel jazzed about your day?!?  I love orange.

I love this simple row of square windows with swing arm curtains.  It is applicable in so many spaces... especially those city lots where you want the light, but don't want to look at your neighbors and you have no idea how you would ever dress those windows.  I love it!

This dining area is a total mix and really showcases Marotta's design inspiration.  I just love a good Greek key.

Such a great reminder to always make it your own.  So go forth... and make it personal!

xo, k

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