The Downstairs Bathroom

"Honey, can you please bring your inspiration binders to bed?"

Ummm... excuse me?!?  Yes.  These are the words my dear, sweet, construction-loving husband said to me last night.  I'm not kidding you, folks.  He asked me to bring the binders to bed so we could look through them before going to sleep.  So you think that's funny?  Get this.  The next thing he says is, "For some reason, I'm thinking of a sand-colored tile for the downstairs bath."  Say what?!?

So let's rewind.  Most of you know that a year and a half ago, we closed on our new/old home.  Every single surface had to be touched.  However, we really just wanted to move in.  So we tackled the biggest and baddest problems and left the minor, cosmetic, and secondary items for later.  One of these items was the downstairs bathroom.  We have just a few more months before the plumbing permit closes (and then are forced to pay for an extension/re-apply) so we're gearing up to tackle the finishing details.  It's already been plumbed, wired for the outlets and fixtures, and the tub is installed.  Now it's on to the fun stuff.  Now back to our story...

After I scooped myself off the floor, we began looking through the binders and my Pinterest files.  I'm more of a "white bathroom" kind of girl so I didn't have exactly what he was envisioning, but then I reminded him that he shouldn't just be looking through the binders for bathrooms.  He should be looking through the binders for color stories that inspire him!  So here are the husband's picks for bathroom inspiration.  Enjoy!

His top pick for flooring and cabinetry.  (via Architectural Digest)

Lake House traditional bathroom
He desperately wants sandy floors and dark wood trim.  Who knew? (Atlanta Designer Yvonne McFadden)

Loved the floors but thought the rest of the room was "too darn blue"! (Sarah Richardson)

Loved the floors and wall color.  Even liked the red and dark wood accents.  Folks, this may be a jumping off point for our downstairs bathroom!  (Sarah Richardson)

As a side note, we actually have two entrances to this bathroom.  One formal entrance, but a second doorway that we haven't opened up yet.  Basically, back when we were re-framing the basement, we installed a second header so that once the boys are knee-deep in soccer and other sports, we can have them enter the bathroom through the basement mudroom/laundry room and head straight for the shower... leaving all the dirty clothes right by the washing machine.  The dear husband also works in construction, so this entrance will be particularly handy when he has had a little too much fun at work.  Is this mama smart or what?!?

Enjoy your day wherever you are!

xo, k

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