Citrus Trees

So last weekend it dawned on me that I had 16 tomato plants and about 9 pots to put them in.  EEK!  Obviously, this ratio was off, but I didn't really have any extra funds to work with.  Suddenly, I remembered passing by a huge stack of black plastic pots at Home Depot a few weeks ago... they were all headed to the recycle bin.  So I loaded the crew in the car, left the husband mowing our jungle-esque lawn and headed to HD.  Sadly they only had gallon and 4" pots in the recycle heap... neither of which will do it for the tomatoes.  What they DID have were the most adorable citrus trees!  I'm not kidding you... sweet little lemons, oranges and kumquats!  They all touted impressive adjectives alluding to their cold-hardiness, but I'm no fool.  Here are a few things I know about me and citrus trees:

1.  They will NEVER withstand the northwest weather.
2.  I'll probably forget to pull the darn tree inside until it's too late.
3.  Even if I do pull the tree indoors, my cat will most likely eat it.  Seriously.  Only one plant has survived since Emmette came home with me.  It's an anthurium from my dear sweet friend, Megan, and it's appearance is, um, interesting. :)

Needless to say, I will not be purchasing a beautiful Meyer lemon tree, but The Binder holds evidence of my love for the indoor tree.  Maybe some day.

Peter Dunham's Fiddle Leaf Fig (Elle Decor, November, 2008)
From Martha Stewart's "How To Grow Citrus Indoors".  Maybe I should re-read this one. :)
Victoria Pearson's master bath... and sweet potted fig. (via House Beautiful)
Hope you're having a fantastic Monday!

xo, k

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