Whidbey Dreams

For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, this subject is not new.  Whidbey Island is one of my favorite places on earth!  I spent much of my childhood summers on the island and every time I'm there, it feels like home.  Over the years, the island has changed immensely, but the spirit is very much the same.  It's the same wonderful community, the same relaxed spirit, the same warmth that cuts through the chilly northwest days.  The other thing that hasn't changed is the property itself.  The thing is, it's never been built on.  It's always just had a small road that spills out into a grassy clearing.  It's the perfect spot to drive in, set up your tents and spend a few days... or a lifetime.

This past weekend, the boys and I headed up to the island for a friend's birthday party.  It was the perfect day for a trip up to the island.  After the boys had a complete meltdown decided it was time to leave the party, mama needed a little quite time.  So I headed about 10 minutes up the island's main road to our property.  It had a been about a year since I'd visited and so much of the landscape had changed.  But as I pulled off the road, it still felt the same.  I got out and walked a few yards down the trail... just far enough to see one of the "talking trees".  I always check to see if they are still there.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it's that one detail that takes me back to being with my brothers and cousins.  We'd run through the forest just after dusk with our flashlights and pretend the trees were talking.  As a bit of side history, these were actually old stumps left over from the early days of logging.  They didn't use chainsaws, so the loggers would cut above the wide base to minimize that amount of wood they would need to cut through.  They'd then notch the stump and insert a plank to stand on.  Then the tree would be cut by hand.  What was left on our property were the "talking trees."

One day, we'll have enough to set up a simple yurt (I know... I'm a nerd!) or a small log cabin complete with a sleeping porch.  It isn't on the radar yet, but it will be.  I want my boys to know the same woods and feel the same fondness.  So please enjoy my trip down memory lane (all I had was my trusty iPhone)... and a little vision of the future courtesy of The Binder.

An old talking tree at the South end of our property.  Sadly, the new neighbor has cleared much of the forest to make room for horses.

An old nurse log that that has almost become part of the earth again.

An old cabin my aunt and uncle built from reclaimed materials.  The property to the East was also sold but the new owner kept the cabin. He is now officially siding it.  It makes my heart happy to know this little history was loved, but it is SO weird to see the old cedar siding replaced.

A sun dappled path leading to the main clearing.

And this beautiful property... Toad Hall.  It's the gorgeous property of Kreis and Sandy Beall and is actually composed of five log cabins (via Architectural Digest).

So we don't have the pond, but still.  Can't you just see it?

An amazing screened porch!

Two-room Tadpole Cottage... I love everything about it!

A dreamy bedroom... 

Picturesque cutting gardens designed by Mary Palmer.  Truthfully, I'd rip out half the flowers and replace them with veggies.  :)  

Maybe if I start saving my tax returns this will happen sooner rather than later!  Not likely though.  I'm still looking at the ugliest garage door on earth.  Someday...

xo, k

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