My Little Artist

Hey Kids!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As you know, this blog started as a way for me to catalog all of the images that have inspired me over the years.  However, it seems to be expanding a bit.  So on that note, I'd like to introduce you to my newest inspiration... the images captured by a three year old.  Turns out that when you give The Captain an iPhone, he takes some pretty need perspective shots!  So today's blog post is brought to you by my favorite little artist.  Enjoy!

And here's one more little sample of The Captain's artistic expression... Post-it Art.  Long story short, the best entertainment for plane trips and restaurant outings is a stack of Post-it's and a pen.  The Captain made "name tags" for everyone and even did a series of miniatures... the possibilities are endless!  As you can see, The Captain loves art and, for a three year old, is pretty darn good!  My little budding Picasso...

xoxo, k

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