Martha Mail!

I get sooooo excited when a new magazine arrives in the mail and today is no exception.  The May issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived today!  Yessssss!

Now usually I adore all things in the mag, but I had to say I was a little disappointed in a few of the floral designs.  Really, Kevin?  The "texture" arrangement on page 77?  Give me a call and we can talk floral texture.  And I'll give you an opportunity to apologize for the misuse of one of my favorite flowers... the snowball viburnum.  Sigh.  Anyway... on to things I looooved.

Recently, I've been drawn to neon and neutrals.  Maybe it's my inner 80's child screaming out for attention, but I completely fell in love with the fluorescent graduation party!  The "A+ Graduation Party" on page 68 was brilliant and the use of post-it notes was genius (have I mentioned my obsession with the post-it note?)

Super simple (and inexpensive!) decor... just some craft paper, neon post-its and little neon washi-tape.  The post-it notes from well-wishers could easily be transferred to a keepsake book.  Perfect for a high school grad who's a little homesick at college or even the recent college grad who needs a little job-hunting encouragement.  Either way, it's a great time capsule! (MS Living, May 2012)

Brownies for desert?  Hmmm... I think this celebration is calling out for some of my famous key lime pie!

And because a hostess can't look like a wreck...

(via Green Wedding Shoes)

or maybe...

(via Juicy Couture)

What else can I say?  I'm a sucker for a pop of neon.

Happy Tuesday!

xo, k

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