Lugless... A Gift from the Travel Gods.

So I'm catching up on all my blogs today and what do you think I saw over at Cup of Jo?!?  She and her family traveled to Austin WITHOUT CHECKING A SINGLE BAG!  Seriously.  I just about fell off my chair.  Apparently, there is a company called Lugless who specializes in luggage shipping and delivery and they are like little angels who come to your home, pick up your luggage and magically have it waiting for you at your final destination.  Best.  Company.  Ever.

As you know, we've just come back from a family trip to Phoenix, AZ.  Let's just recap the mad travel... pack bags, load bags into car, unload bags and children and carseats at the airport to check them (not the kids) through, wait at luggage carousal for said baggage, schlep them onto the tram headed to the rental car desk, lug them through the maze of elevators and parking lots to pick up the car, load them into the car, unload them at the hotel.  OH, and pay $20 each way for this glorious task.  Instead, we could have planned ahead, paid $59 each way and they would have delivered our bag door-to-door.  Granted, it's an extra $78 round trip, but when you have two young children (3 yrs and 16 months), it starts looking like the deal of the century!  Oh, Lugless... if only I had known about you 2 weeks ago.  Sigh.

xo, k

PS.  My husband's grandfather was an actual Pan Am pilot who saved tons of memorabilia!  It's a riot to look back through all the goodies.

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