It's a Bridal Floral Friday!

Last night I received the best phone call ever... my dear friend Megan is getting married!!!  Naturally, her fiancé is kind-hearted, funny and all sorts of great things.  He is also smart enough to take my girl Megan off the market!  Woo Hoo!  So, in honor of the bride to be, it's Floral Friday... Wedding Edition.  You ready?

If there is one flower Megan reminds me of, it's ranunculus.  In my opinion, ranunculus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the entire world.  I love that it looks so delicate and dainty, yet it's surprisingly sturdy.  The petal formation is so refined and constrained, yet the stem and leaves have a wild and unstructured quality to them.  That is Megan.  She is as tiny as they come, but she is tough-as-nails.  You think she's a city girl through and through, but you're just as likely to catch her hiking, kayaking and biking.  We've been known to watch an embarrassing amount of chick flicks, yet what does she do for her birthday?  Organizes a group of us girls to go shooting at a gun range (it was ladies day) and then out for cocktails.  Need I say more?

So this one's for you, Megan.  My favorite flower for my favorite bride-to-be.  Love you to the ends of the earth and beyond!

Ranunculus showing off it's color range (via Pinterest)

(MS Weddings)

Love the bright spray of ranunculus playing up the graceful stems! (MS Weddings)

Sweet white ranunculus gets sassy next to bright red poppies!  The entire wedding is a Santa Fe inspired sea of turquoise, bright red and crisp white... I may need to post the whole thing some time. (Modern Bride)

The same fresh, white ranunculus paired with strawberries, poppies and orchids  (Modern Bride)

One of my favorite color palettes (MS Weddings)

Always the perfect scale for your youngest attendant (MS Weddings)

Fabulous contrast and texture from the inclusion of silvery greens, succulents and clementines (MS Weddings)

The classic white bouquet gets an update from scented geranium leaves, dusty miller and mint.  I bet it smells divine!  (Source unknown... possibly Modern Bride?)

Fuchsia ranunculus looks amazing against a taupe backdrop (MS Weddings)

I'm sure with Megan and Jeff's wedding on the horizon, there will be a few more wedding posts from the events binder.  Oh, wait.  Didn't I mention the third binder is 100% devoted to all things weddings, showers and celebrations?  This particular binder has been borrowed by at least a dozen brides.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

xo, k

PS.  Just one more fun goodie I found on Pinterest today.  "Save the Date" is probably the first item of business and this one is right up their alley.  :)

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