Desert Inspiration

Welcome to our new URL!  I'm so glad you've come.  Obviously, I'm excited to be here and thrilled at the upcoming transformations!  Stay tuned.

This past weekend, our whole family flew down to Scottsdale, AZ, to celebrate the lives of my husband's grandparents.  Although his grandfather's passing was recent, his grandmother had passed away almost 30 years ago.  This entire time, his grandfather had kept her ashes so that one day they could be scattered together out in the desert.  As odd as this sounds, I found it to be an incredibly beautiful, romantic and profound moment.  I snapped a few photos to remember the day and it wasn't until I took this photo that I realized the full impact of where we were.

A double saguaro cactus... an unusual sight and poignant to say the least.

The boys (only 3 and 1 years old) are obviously too young to understand what this weekend meant, but it was nevertheless special and we will no doubt take them back someday to see the desert their great-grandparents loved so much.

Now, I'm not a desert girl.  Pretty much the furthest thing from it, actually.  This lily-white girl is not made for 90+ degree heat.  However, I have always felt drawn to the Southwest.  It is so wildly beautiful and I am amazed by the ruggedness of the landscape.  So let's get inspired by some hardcore plants found at the Desert Botanical Garden!

The dear husband and I are already talking about a return trip... but maybe in February this time. :)  We'll revisit the double saguaro and make sure to hit up this spot:  Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West.  The dear husband wants to take the 3-hour "Behind the Scenes" tour and I'm going to obsess over photos of the desert shelters until I can take the 2-hour "Desert Shelter Tour."  Our children are going to be thrilled. HA!

I'll leave you with one final photo of The Captain and I... proof that he is totally my son and we are not built for desert conditions.  One word:  Sunscreen.

xo, k

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