From Crib to Bed

When I was pregnant with The Captain, my dear mom and dad gave us the best parenting advice...

"Parenting is a long, gradual process of letting go."

If you are a parent, you know it's the truth.  You start with a baby who needs you for every single thing... next thing you know, that little guy is three and the phrase du jour is, "I can do it all by myself!"

So then the second baby comes, and I find myself clinging to every stage and holding onto each moment because he won't be my baby forever.  This new version of myself as a mother is more relaxed and confident, but I'm also more nostalgic.  I don't want to rush the stages... I want to savor them.

Needless to say, I'm having one of those days where you look at your baby and suddenly realize, he's not a baby.  He is a full-fledged toddler!  Our youngest boy is getting so big.  He's running after The Captain and tackling him (seriously, isn't it too early to reside in my personal WWF Smackdown?)  I also look at his little crib and think it won't be long before we're taking it down and switching over to a "big boy bed."  It's all too much!  So for once, I'm taking a break and looking toward letting go of the crib.  What do you say about twin beds in the boys' room?

I have always loved the look and feel of twin beds.  Maybe it is the nostalgia of my brothers sharing a room and having vintage twin beds.  Maybe it's the symmetry that is inevitably created.  Either way, I love them and, as usual, The Binder has the evidence.  Enjoy!

Love the beds (House Beautiful(... could easily be recreated using some of the new bedroom furniture designs at Restoration Hardware (specifically the Maison, Vienne and Directoire beds)

(via Domino Magazine, May 2008)

(via Domino Magazine, May 2008)

(via Domino Magazine, June/July 2008)

(via Domino Magazine, June/July 2008)
Love the weight of these beds (Lonny Magazine, March/April 2012)
Suzanne Tucker's twin beds designed by Michael Taylor (via Elle Decor)
I love this masculine take on the twin bed (source unknown)

Enjoy your Wednesday!

xo, k


Whidbey Dreams

For those of you who follow me on Pinterest, this subject is not new.  Whidbey Island is one of my favorite places on earth!  I spent much of my childhood summers on the island and every time I'm there, it feels like home.  Over the years, the island has changed immensely, but the spirit is very much the same.  It's the same wonderful community, the same relaxed spirit, the same warmth that cuts through the chilly northwest days.  The other thing that hasn't changed is the property itself.  The thing is, it's never been built on.  It's always just had a small road that spills out into a grassy clearing.  It's the perfect spot to drive in, set up your tents and spend a few days... or a lifetime.

This past weekend, the boys and I headed up to the island for a friend's birthday party.  It was the perfect day for a trip up to the island.  After the boys had a complete meltdown decided it was time to leave the party, mama needed a little quite time.  So I headed about 10 minutes up the island's main road to our property.  It had a been about a year since I'd visited and so much of the landscape had changed.  But as I pulled off the road, it still felt the same.  I got out and walked a few yards down the trail... just far enough to see one of the "talking trees".  I always check to see if they are still there.  I'm not sure why.  I guess it's that one detail that takes me back to being with my brothers and cousins.  We'd run through the forest just after dusk with our flashlights and pretend the trees were talking.  As a bit of side history, these were actually old stumps left over from the early days of logging.  They didn't use chainsaws, so the loggers would cut above the wide base to minimize that amount of wood they would need to cut through.  They'd then notch the stump and insert a plank to stand on.  Then the tree would be cut by hand.  What was left on our property were the "talking trees."

One day, we'll have enough to set up a simple yurt (I know... I'm a nerd!) or a small log cabin complete with a sleeping porch.  It isn't on the radar yet, but it will be.  I want my boys to know the same woods and feel the same fondness.  So please enjoy my trip down memory lane (all I had was my trusty iPhone)... and a little vision of the future courtesy of The Binder.

An old talking tree at the South end of our property.  Sadly, the new neighbor has cleared much of the forest to make room for horses.

An old nurse log that that has almost become part of the earth again.

An old cabin my aunt and uncle built from reclaimed materials.  The property to the East was also sold but the new owner kept the cabin. He is now officially siding it.  It makes my heart happy to know this little history was loved, but it is SO weird to see the old cedar siding replaced.

A sun dappled path leading to the main clearing.

And this beautiful property... Toad Hall.  It's the gorgeous property of Kreis and Sandy Beall and is actually composed of five log cabins (via Architectural Digest).

So we don't have the pond, but still.  Can't you just see it?

An amazing screened porch!

Two-room Tadpole Cottage... I love everything about it!

A dreamy bedroom... 

Picturesque cutting gardens designed by Mary Palmer.  Truthfully, I'd rip out half the flowers and replace them with veggies.  :)  

Maybe if I start saving my tax returns this will happen sooner rather than later!  Not likely though.  I'm still looking at the ugliest garage door on earth.  Someday...

xo, k


My Little Artist

Hey Kids!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  As you know, this blog started as a way for me to catalog all of the images that have inspired me over the years.  However, it seems to be expanding a bit.  So on that note, I'd like to introduce you to my newest inspiration... the images captured by a three year old.  Turns out that when you give The Captain an iPhone, he takes some pretty need perspective shots!  So today's blog post is brought to you by my favorite little artist.  Enjoy!

And here's one more little sample of The Captain's artistic expression... Post-it Art.  Long story short, the best entertainment for plane trips and restaurant outings is a stack of Post-it's and a pen.  The Captain made "name tags" for everyone and even did a series of miniatures... the possibilities are endless!  As you can see, The Captain loves art and, for a three year old, is pretty darn good!  My little budding Picasso...

xoxo, k


Dreaming of Mojitos and Fresh Salsa...

This time of year is always exciting for me.  Every single day the landscape changes.  Every day I see a new bud emerge... a new plant unfold.  I can't help but talk to my garden and I literally jump up and down when I see a tiny seed break through the earth.  Just ask my husband... or my neighbors... I'm sure it's a pretty entertaining sight. :)  So here are the highs and lows of my planting adventures.

Lows:  I lost a celery due to my overzealous planting.  It just wasn't strong enough to pull through evenings of sub-50 degree weather.  My fault really, but I'm not feeling too sad.  I still have more and it was started for free from a store-bought celery!  More on that later.  In any event, at the rate we plow through celery, I'm happy to space out the plantings to prolong the harvest.  I'll just start a new one from the celery I just bought!  See?  Silver lining!

Highs:  Our first pea has emerged!  The daphne odora is in bloom and smelling divine!  The starts in the kitchen are happy and healthy!

So as I tend to my baby tomato and tomatillo starts in the kitchen, naturally my mind drifts to the yummy salsa I'll be making this summer.  In fact, I'll be able to make it entirely from home grown vegetables!  Well, that's not entirely true.  I hadn't planned on growing serrano peppers, but this little video recipe has me changing my tune!  Now if only I could figure out how to grow citrus in Seattle.  Hmmmm...

Enjoy this beautiful video recipe from the talented Rachel of Elephantine.

mojitos, chips, and salsa from rachelchew on Vimeo.

Can't wait to see you back here tomorrow!

xo, k

Martha Mail!

I get sooooo excited when a new magazine arrives in the mail and today is no exception.  The May issue of Martha Stewart Living arrived today!  Yessssss!

Now usually I adore all things in the mag, but I had to say I was a little disappointed in a few of the floral designs.  Really, Kevin?  The "texture" arrangement on page 77?  Give me a call and we can talk floral texture.  And I'll give you an opportunity to apologize for the misuse of one of my favorite flowers... the snowball viburnum.  Sigh.  Anyway... on to things I looooved.

Recently, I've been drawn to neon and neutrals.  Maybe it's my inner 80's child screaming out for attention, but I completely fell in love with the fluorescent graduation party!  The "A+ Graduation Party" on page 68 was brilliant and the use of post-it notes was genius (have I mentioned my obsession with the post-it note?)

Super simple (and inexpensive!) decor... just some craft paper, neon post-its and little neon washi-tape.  The post-it notes from well-wishers could easily be transferred to a keepsake book.  Perfect for a high school grad who's a little homesick at college or even the recent college grad who needs a little job-hunting encouragement.  Either way, it's a great time capsule! (MS Living, May 2012)

Brownies for desert?  Hmmm... I think this celebration is calling out for some of my famous key lime pie!

And because a hostess can't look like a wreck...

(via Green Wedding Shoes)

or maybe...

(via Juicy Couture)

What else can I say?  I'm a sucker for a pop of neon.

Happy Tuesday!

xo, k



Every year I swear it will be the year for my massive veggie garden.  And every year I manage to tackle one or two crops, but nothing major.  This year, it's on.  

Since Seattle has had ridiculously nice weather, I've been out in my garden almost every day.  A while back, I posted about my awesome raised beds (here and here), and I'm happy to report that they are now getting a workout!  Let's talk about what's planted, shall we?  In the raised beds, I currently have Walla Walla sweet onions, garlic, leeks, celery, beets, peas, carrots and lettuces.  In the ground, I have rhubarb, blueberries and I've pruned (a while ago) the long-neglected apple tree we inherited.  In pots on the deck, I have two different strawberries and a few herbs (oregano, thyme and chives) that are still going strong despite at least a year and a half of remodel-induced neglect.  And inside, I have three different types of tomatoes (stupid, cherokee purple and sweetie), broccoli and green onions still in their starter pots.  I was a little late in starting these indoors, but there is still plenty of time for catch-up, right?  At least that's what I tell myself.  

On the horizon, we have a green bean teepee, zucchini, more herbs, cucumbers, pumpkins, potatoes and my personal "field of dreams."  Long story short, we received an outrageous bid for fencing our lot and so it looks like the handy husband will be undertaking this project.  I lovingly suggested that we plant a huge hedge of corn along the edge of our property until the fence was built.  The dear husband suggested we not.  

The last two items I'll be adding this year are tomatillos and lady bell peppers.  Ever since I made this recipe from Tyler Florence, I've been dreaming of roasted tomatillo salsa.  Seriously.  Forget the enchiladas and just make this salsa.  You can thank me later.  The second item is a type of pepper that I hear does really well up here.  We'll see what I can find at the trusty nursery!

I'll have to post pics when my camera is fully charged, but in the meantime, let's look at some veggie garden inspiration from The Binder.  In an ideal world, I'd love to exist somewhere between these two worlds.

First up, the ethereal Irish garden of Michele O'Hana: 

Love this foggy morning shot of Michele's garden... just beautiful with the pops of orange marigolds! (via Domino Magazine)

Sigh.  I want chickens, but the husband says we have enough wildlife.  (via Domino Magazine)

I love the sentiment of the family garden.  Some of my fondest memories are digging in the dirt with my mom and brothers. (via Domino Magazine)

Presenting Martha Stewart's massive garden at Cantitoe Corners.  It's not as other-worldly, but you can't deny it's a total machine.  I think she just needs to add a bench or two to warm the place up:

Martha's gardener, Jodi Capobianco, working her massive 90' by 150' garden. (via MS Living, March 2008)

An aerial view of the Cantitoe Corners farm... rows labeled (via MS Living, March 2008)

The second half of her massive garden (via MS Living, March 2008)

I've seen a few gardeners mulching with clean straw and really like the look.  I'll at least try this with my pumpkins and squash. (via MS Living, March 2008)

Feel free to peak at the full Martha Stewart pictorial here.

Well, that's it from this girl!  But how about you?  How's your garden growing?

xo, k


It's a Bridal Floral Friday!

Last night I received the best phone call ever... my dear friend Megan is getting married!!!  Naturally, her fiancĂ© is kind-hearted, funny and all sorts of great things.  He is also smart enough to take my girl Megan off the market!  Woo Hoo!  So, in honor of the bride to be, it's Floral Friday... Wedding Edition.  You ready?

If there is one flower Megan reminds me of, it's ranunculus.  In my opinion, ranunculus is one of the most beautiful flowers in the entire world.  I love that it looks so delicate and dainty, yet it's surprisingly sturdy.  The petal formation is so refined and constrained, yet the stem and leaves have a wild and unstructured quality to them.  That is Megan.  She is as tiny as they come, but she is tough-as-nails.  You think she's a city girl through and through, but you're just as likely to catch her hiking, kayaking and biking.  We've been known to watch an embarrassing amount of chick flicks, yet what does she do for her birthday?  Organizes a group of us girls to go shooting at a gun range (it was ladies day) and then out for cocktails.  Need I say more?

So this one's for you, Megan.  My favorite flower for my favorite bride-to-be.  Love you to the ends of the earth and beyond!

Ranunculus showing off it's color range (via Pinterest)

(MS Weddings)

Love the bright spray of ranunculus playing up the graceful stems! (MS Weddings)

Sweet white ranunculus gets sassy next to bright red poppies!  The entire wedding is a Santa Fe inspired sea of turquoise, bright red and crisp white... I may need to post the whole thing some time. (Modern Bride)

The same fresh, white ranunculus paired with strawberries, poppies and orchids  (Modern Bride)

One of my favorite color palettes (MS Weddings)

Always the perfect scale for your youngest attendant (MS Weddings)

Fabulous contrast and texture from the inclusion of silvery greens, succulents and clementines (MS Weddings)

The classic white bouquet gets an update from scented geranium leaves, dusty miller and mint.  I bet it smells divine!  (Source unknown... possibly Modern Bride?)

Fuchsia ranunculus looks amazing against a taupe backdrop (MS Weddings)

I'm sure with Megan and Jeff's wedding on the horizon, there will be a few more wedding posts from the events binder.  Oh, wait.  Didn't I mention the third binder is 100% devoted to all things weddings, showers and celebrations?  This particular binder has been borrowed by at least a dozen brides.

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!

xo, k

PS.  Just one more fun goodie I found on Pinterest today.  "Save the Date" is probably the first item of business and this one is right up their alley.  :)


Lugless... A Gift from the Travel Gods.

So I'm catching up on all my blogs today and what do you think I saw over at Cup of Jo?!?  She and her family traveled to Austin WITHOUT CHECKING A SINGLE BAG!  Seriously.  I just about fell off my chair.  Apparently, there is a company called Lugless who specializes in luggage shipping and delivery and they are like little angels who come to your home, pick up your luggage and magically have it waiting for you at your final destination.  Best.  Company.  Ever.

As you know, we've just come back from a family trip to Phoenix, AZ.  Let's just recap the mad travel... pack bags, load bags into car, unload bags and children and carseats at the airport to check them (not the kids) through, wait at luggage carousal for said baggage, schlep them onto the tram headed to the rental car desk, lug them through the maze of elevators and parking lots to pick up the car, load them into the car, unload them at the hotel.  OH, and pay $20 each way for this glorious task.  Instead, we could have planned ahead, paid $59 each way and they would have delivered our bag door-to-door.  Granted, it's an extra $78 round trip, but when you have two young children (3 yrs and 16 months), it starts looking like the deal of the century!  Oh, Lugless... if only I had known about you 2 weeks ago.  Sigh.

xo, k

PS.  My husband's grandfather was an actual Pan Am pilot who saved tons of memorabilia!  It's a riot to look back through all the goodies.