Floral Friday

Welcome to our first Floral Friday!

Not so long ago, I dreamed of becoming a floral designer.  After helping a dozen or so friends with various showers, weddings and events, my passion for floral design really took off.  I saved pages upon pages of design inspiration, color combinations, and dream studio/work spaces.  I shadowed the florist who truly inspired the palate of my wedding.  Even my sweet brothers gave me a gift certificate to take a class at Fiori Floral Design, one of my favorite Seattle florists.  Those dreams haven't diminished, but life has taken me down different paths since then.  So now it's time to bring back the inspiration!  

For my first Floral Friday, I can't think of a better place to start than with my first floral design crush... Fiori Floral Design.

I first discovered Fiori ages ago when working as the receptionist for a prepress company in Seattle.  One of our Color Analysts asked if I would order flowers for a very special client at Nordstrom (it was her birthday.)  There was only one caveat.  The flowers had to be spectacular!  I researched and researched and came back with Fiori Floral Design.  Their pavé style arrangements are stunning and they were one of the first floral designers I saw consistently highlight the use of fruit within their designs.  As a bonus, there is nothing more scale appropriate at a desk than either a single bloom or a compact, pavé style arrangement.  When the flowers arrived, my sweet boss reported back that they were the best on her desk (yay me!)  Today you can find Fiori at their own studio, but now also hold hours at NORDSTROM!  So you heard it here first.  I am 100% responsible for Fiori now having studio space at Nordstrom's Flagship store.  :)  

My first floral design class at Fiori Floral (that's me in the front with the striped apron!)

My first pavé floral design!  We used white hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, tulips, anemones, stock, limes, aspidistra leaves, wax flower and dusty miller... all nestled in a bed of variegated orange.

And here is Fiori Floral Design owner Miles Johnson talking about the new relationship with Nordstrom and their creative space.  His best tip in class?  To nestle the cymbidium orchids together as if they were dear friends having a conversation... you want them facing toward each other (see photo above).  He was as sweet and dear in person as he is in this clip.

xo, k

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