A Sleeping Porch

One of my favorite images of all time has to be this sleeping porch by designer Kelly Van Patter:

Kelly Van Patter (House Beautiful)
I'm already a sucker for a good sleeping porch and this absolutely solidified my passion!

My first experience with a sleeping porch was at my best friend's cabin in Winthrop, WA.  Situated just a few miles outside of town, the small log cabin has been in their family for generations.  There is a sleeping loft with built-in bunks above, a great room with unbelievable stone fireplace below and the best sleeping porch of all time.  It's a simple screened porch, but has the character that one can only find in a log cabin that has stood for over a hundred years... wide plank floors (uneven, of course) and an exposed wall of stacked logs.  From the sleeping porch, you wakeup to breathtaking views of the tree-lined meadow and I've never had a morning without a deer sighting or two.  As you close your eyes at night, you breath in the crisp, smog-free air and the noises of the rural nightlife take over... a symphony that is occasionally interrupted with the telltale zing of the bug zapper (FYI, the greatest entertainment a kid could ask for.)

Someday I hope to build my own sleeping porch so the little men in my life can enjoy the pure joy that comes from sleeping in the (almost) open air.  :)  Until then, I'll keep revisiting the image above and these others from The Binder:

Designed by Ted Flato (Metropolitan Home)
*NOTE:  Sadly, Metropolitan Home ceased production in 2009.  Although no longer in print, Elle Decor has archived several issues.  I love that!

xo, k

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