I blame it all on Sassy...

My first magazine subscription was to Sassy Magazine.  Remember that gem?  I was 12 and had secretly wished for Seventeen Magazine (I had been spending hours in the school library perusing back issues.)  The disappointment probably lasted all of 3 seconds because this gem was delivered…

Oh, man.  To my little preteen eyes, Sassy seemed so scandalous (sex advice, feminism, celebrities, alternative music... what more could a girl ask for?)  And, just like all scandalous happenings in my young life, it was a gift from Auntie Kathy.  My Aunt Kathy was the woman who took me to get my ears pierced at five years old (my mom was thrilled.)  She once sent me home from a slumber party with a full set of Lee Press-On Nails (each painted a different color because that is what I wanted at the ripe old age of six)  My aunt even gave me my first political collectable... a Michael Dukakis '88 button.  Don’t you just love Aunts?!?  Looking back, if she had gifted me anything less than Sassy Magazine, who knows if my love affair with the printed world would have blossomed.  

As this blog is a pure manifestation of years of magazine hoarding, I feel it only proper that we start at the beginning and give proper tribute.  Tomorrow I'll be checking out this book from the library.  In the meantime, feel free to flashback through this awesome Tumblr dedicated to all things Sassy... Sassy Magazine Lives!  Chloe Sevigny (she was an intern!), early 90's prom wear, dating advice from Beck, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love?!?  I die.

xo, k

*UPDATE*  Just found a bunch of "Eat This" column scans... Cat Burritos anyone?

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