Necessary Arrangements

My dear mother likes to arrange furniture... A LOT.  And me?  I'm a chip off the old block.  Growing up I never realized it was odd to have your living room change shape every other month.  Nesting tables were used in every imaginable formation, decorative trays added and subtracted, pillows shifted, sofa tables were paired, re-arranged, placed over old fashioned radiators... there was perpetual motion in our living room!  I have long since moved out, but I still play "Spot the Difference" every time I visit my parents' home.  

About a month ago, I was inspired by my friend Kelly's blog, High Street Market.  She published this post on furniture arrangement.  The dear husband lovingly played along and helped rearrange the furniture according to Kelly's diagram.  It was perfect!!!  But then I discovered a major flaw.  This happens to be the perfect amount of furniture with which a three-year-old can play "hot lava" for hours on end... causing his mother to lose her ever-loving mind!  Seriously.  Every time I turned around, the Captain was flinging himself from one piece of furniture to the next (for a little added visual, he was also wearing a cape and socks pulled up to his elbows in lieu of superhero gloves.)

To save myself from total insanity, I changed the furniture once again.  The Captain helped.  :)

Enjoy a little inspiration from the binder... 

Campion Platt (Elle Decor)

Campion Platt (Elle Decor)

Aaron Hom (House Beautiful)

Betsy Burnham (House Beautiful)

xo, k

PS.  As I'm scanning images, I'm also trying to drum up some links for their sources so as to give credit where credit is due.  So far, I've had fabulous luck!  I love the interwebs.

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