Floral Monday?

Hi Everyone!

So sorry for the lack of postings... we are coming off a teething/sick/disaster-zone of a week.  The wee one popped out two molars and sprouted a 103 degree fever.  Needless to say, it's been "all hands on deck" at the Inspiration Binder home base.  On to happier notes...

Yesterday the littlest member of our crew was feeling much better so we worked in the yard all day.  It was amazing!  We dug, planted, set up the raised beds... all things dirty.  We even had our dear friend and trusted babysitter over to play with the kids so we could be extra productive.  Although it was a little colder than planned, the fresh air was precisely what we needed.  At the end of the day, everyone was covered in dirt, tired, and super happy.  Since I wasn't in the mood for making a huge feast, I jumped in the car and ran to Whole Foods... can you say hot soup and grilled cheese?  Of course, I walk up to the door and what is staring me in the face?  Bunches of daffodils... 3 for $5!  How do you say "no" to thirty daffodils for $5?!?  Well, you just don't.  It's like saying, "No, thank you.  I'd rather deny the existence of spring and go be grouchy at home."  Needless to say, my basket at checkout contained both soup and daffodils.  :)

Hope your day is filled with sunshine and daffodils!

Daffodils in Faux Bois via Martha Stewart

These little cuties will be adorning the table at Easter... no doubt filled with goodies for the boys and their cousins!  You can also watch the instructional video here.

via Martha Stewart (new Binder addition from the April '12 issue!)

Also, would you look at this unreal fabric designed by Holli Zollinger?  What an incredible art deco inspired pattern.

via Spoonflower

OH!  And I just found this chair on craigslist...

It's yellow Windsor chair for crying out loud!!!  All I'm saying is a girl needs something to match 30 awesome daffodils.

xo, k

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