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About a week ago, I put the babies down for their nap and wandered into the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  While there, I noticed the gutter cleaner/window washer (he was working on the house next door) walk down the side yard between my house and my neighbor's.  He went past the window at the breakfast nook, but did not walk past the kitchen window (which is only 6 feet further down the side of the house.)  Hmmm.  How odd.  I couldn't see him out the kitchen window, so I walked down to the breakfast nook and looked out the window.  And what do you think I saw?  The guy was peeing on the side of my house!!!  Needless to say, this did not go over well.  Obviously, I had a few words for this gentleman and the company he worked for.  A few days later, the company sent an apologetic letter along with a $25 gift card.  My first thought was, "Would Emily Post consider this the proper compensation for urinating on someone's home?"  I checked.  She didn't include this in her etiquette book.

So what's a girl to do with $25?  Why the answer is soooo clear!  Take the pee money and go buy some poo!  So that's what we did last weekend.  I sent the dear husband and his truck up to the nursery to buy a whole bunch of garden soil mix and heaps of compost... the good stinky stuff filled with chicken manure and bat guano (among other fun organic matter.)  So thanks, window washer guy.  Our veggies and flowers have plenty to eat and, come summer, we'll have the blooms and produce to prove it.

My boys hard at work!

The first of my two new metal beds prepped and ready to go!

On a more technical note, I used a really great, locally produced 3-way soil blend mixed with some aged bark and a few different organic compost blends... E. B. Stone and Gardner & Bloome.

Happy Friday!

xoxo, k

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